Term 1 Curriculum

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Term 1 Curriculum Map


Year 7: How do different systems and forms of representation develop as civilisations evolve and humans interact? -

Multiples and Factors Place value Rounding Addition and Subtraction/ Perimeter


Year 8: To what extent can mathematical relationships lead to a better understanding of how we evolve? -

Prime factorisation Negatives Manipulating algebraic expressions


Year 9: 

To what extent can mathematical relationships lead to a better understanding of how we evolve? -

Prime factorisation Negatives Manipulating algebraic expressions

Language Aquisition

Year 7: Why is our shared IAG identity global? - Students will be studying about the importance of the culture of the language they learn. This term our language learners will focus on the topics how to introduce myself, family, friends and numbers in the target language.

Year 8: How can cultures and language impact people’s holiday interaction?- Learners will study how the cultural diversity of the holiday conventions can influence people’s views of the world, beliefs and values.

Year 9: How and why does daily sporting activities and healthy food enable healthy living?- Learners will study how health and well-being messages can be promoted through the target language. 

Individuals & Societies

Year 7: How has London become multicultural? -Learners will consider what has contributed to understanding their own, as well as the identity of a ‘Londoner’. Following an exploration of the stages of Early Man’s migration from East Africa to Britain, students will complete amazing written narratives explaining this journey. They are currently researching how the history of London has had an impact on their identities, before examining how groups that have migrated to the city have affected the identity of the city as a whole.  

Year 8: To what extent has the Modern Revolution been a positive or negative force on our Post-Modern society? - Learners will understand that Globalisation, Innovation and Revolution have interacted over time to shape our world, through a study of the key features of the Modern Revolution and its relationship with the ideas, beliefs and values we hold in todays ‘Post -Modern’ society.

Year 9: To what extent has modern society succeeded in providing for the needs of its citizens?- Learners will explore the key features of past and present civilisations. They will identify changes that have taken place and analyse how these affect our lives today in relation to our human needs.

Arts & Design

Year 7:

How is self expression influenced by personal and cultural boundaries?

How do actors express themselves?

How can I use technology to express myself?

Year 8:

Modern art and appropriating images - is it stealing?

How has modernity influenced the ways in which we express ourselves?

What are the effects of the internet and the world wide has had on society?

Year 9:

Do 'women artists' exist or are there only artists?

To what extent does modern society influence the ways we express ourselves?

Will A.I help create a better alternative to ‘modern society’?


English Language & Literature

Year 7: How does word choice reflect the identity of a character? - Students will use a variety of fictional texts linked to the theme of 'Alter Egos' to explore the ways that writers use language and sentence structures to create vivid characters.

Year 8: To what extent is our setting impacted by global interactions and the context we live in? -  Students will focus on the concept of 'Dystopia' and explore the features of dystopian texts through looking at extracts from '1984', 'I, Robot' and 'Z for Zachariah'.

Year 9: How can your choice of words, and the way you structure your approach, lead to a change in people’s views?- Students will study a selection of 19th century and modern poetry around the theme of 'Power and Conflict'.


Year 7: 

To become competent in their identity, you must practice finding balance and space in your movement. Discuss.

Year 8:

How can we create an environment where global interactions effect the adaptations that occur in invasion football/rugby?

Year 9:

How can taking into account your surroundings affect how you adapt to the tactical side of football/rugby?


Year 7: To what extent is your identity shaped by genetic rather than environmental factors? - Students will  study movement through an inquiry into muscles, bones and other soft tissues. Students will then discuss genetic material inside of cells' nuclei.

Year 8: To what extent has modern living made humans more or less healthy? - Students will cover the topics of breathing and digestion, the anatomy of both systems and the the function of organs within each.

Year 9: How has atomic theory affected modern society? - Students will study the periodic table and begin to explore bonding of different elements.