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Year 7 Student Led Conference

On Wednesday the 22nd of May we will be hosting the Year 7 Student Led Conference.

The Conference approach has been put in place to provide an opportunity for students to take even greater ownership over their own learning by articulating to others their learning journey here at IAG. This is very deliberately not a parents evening, with the focus and attention on the student rather than upon the teacher.

Each Conference conversation lasts 10 minutes to help keep focus on learning. Please keep this conversation going for the full 10 minutes by asking prompting and probing questions.

To book a time to attend please complete this form: Click Here

To support the learning conversations during this evening please use the following questions. These questions have been shared with students in advance and they have been using these to shape their talking points:

  • What progress have you made in...and how do you know?

  • What is the best piece of work you have completed so far this academic year, and why do you think this is your best?

  • In what ways do you believe you are developing as a Global Citizen and what examples can you give to prove this?

  • In the area of...what do you need to do to make further progress?

  • In the area of...what do you need from me and/or the school in order to make further progress?

  • Where are you showing most commitment to your learning and why are you most committed in this area?

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