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Thoughts on accountability in top-performing systems – an extract from Cleverlands

Author Lucy Crehan discusses the difference between school accountability in England and the US, as well as in Finland, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Shanghai.

Let’s take two identical twins, Conor and Edward, separated at birth and brought up in different continents. Neither have special needs, but nor are they natural academics. Let’s say that Conor in British Columbia, Canada is ‘not yet within expectations’ at the end of primary school (despite the early intervention from qualified teachers). He gets extra ongoing support to help him meet those expectations, but even if he doesn’t reach them now, he’ll be in the same class as his friends at middle school….

Continue reading at https://www.ssatuk.co.uk/blog/accountability-cleverlands/?xc=fbfc4d35-cbb0-e211-b7ad-3c4a92dbd85c

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