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IAG Ofsted Press Release

Leaders at the International Academy of Greenwich (IAG) say that they are strengthening the school rapidly in response to the school’s first ever Ofsted Inspection.

The inspection team visited the academy, which is currently on a temporary site on Meadowcourt Road, in July. The school opened in 2016 and joined the Big Education Trust in 2018. While inspectors praised behaviour, teaching in key subjects and the “spiritual, moral, social and cultural development” students’ receive, overall they graded IAG as Requiring Improvement.

Liz Robinson, Co-Director of Big Education said: “This is a complex report for many reasons. The school has had some significant setbacks, and many concerns raised in the report relate directly or indirectly to the school’s temporary accommodation and the uncertainty that introduces to staff and curriculum planning. The inspector notes that these issues have had “a negative impact” on our community. This is further impacted by the fact that planning permission for the new school building has been rejected.

“Until the accommodation situation is clarified by the DfE these issues continue to provide challenges for the school team. That being said, inspectors praised the real and rapid progress being made and our staff and students should be commended for their attitude and abilities.

“I take great heart from the fact that Inspectors found that the majority of our pupils wanted to “try hard and show a mature and thoughtful approach to their learning.” Equally, teachers in key subjects such as English, foreign languages, art and science have been praised for how they use “their knowledge to push pupils to think hard” and helping “pupils grasp challenging concepts”.”

In late July, plans for the school’s new build were rejected by the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Planning Committee who raised concerns with both plans for the building and reviewed new data that questioned the need for additional secondary school places in Greenwich. As a result, IAG is currently awaiting Ministerial level clarity about how the school will proceed from here.

Ms Robinson added: “While there is a great deal that we cannot control on that front, this report brings to focus the things that we can control.

“We are working hard to continue to ensure that our students have the best learning experience possible and to embed the many new systems we have brought in to ensure IAG is strengthening rapidly. We have also strengthened our leadership structure to bring additional capacity to help us plan and respond to any decision that the Minister may make. This will free up our principal and other school leaders to focus purely on helping our students to thrive.”

You can find the latest IAG Ofsted report here.

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