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6th September 2019 - The Weekly Internationalist Newsletter - Welcome Back!

Welcome back 

It has been wonderful to welcome all students and parents back to IAG this week.  Our students have hit the ground running in the first few days of term, showing real commitment and focus to their school work and embracing their learning.  Year 7 have enjoyed the first few days of secondary school and have been engaged in their lessons and other activities.  It is also a big year for year 10, who have now begun GCSE courses. We are so proud of the commitment they are already demonstrating, and excited to see them go from strength to strength. 

As you know, at IAG we design our learning around driving questions each term.  This term we will be focussing on the following: Year 7: To what extent is our shared IAG identity ‘Global’?

Year 8: To what extent has the Modern Revolution been a positive or negative force?

Year 9: Is there a better alternative to ‘modern society’?

Year 10: What does it mean to be successful?

Update on our school & planning for further communications with parents. 

We would like to thank all parents for the incredible amount of support they have demonstrated for our school, particularly in light of the negative outcome of planning permission for our new site which came at the beginning of the school holidays.  While this is a very challenging time for us all, we are aware that many of you have given up considerable time and energy to supporting the school in thinking about what to do next.  As you know we are still waiting for further decisions to be made by the Department for Education about what will happen.  School leaders, governors and colleagues from Big Education Trust have been working through the summer to push on this and will continue to do so.  We are absolutely clear with the department that the education and wellbeing of all students at IAG are the absolute priority and will always keep this at the forefront of all conversations with them.  

We recognise that this is a very stressful time for parents and students and are looking at ways to work with you on alleviating this, as best we can.  As a first step we continue to update the FAQs on our website - and have done so again this week, in response to the latest questions asked.  Please do continue to send these through to planning@iaog.org.uk.  We are now pulling together plans for a parent meeting in the coming weeks to discuss where we have got to, possible scenarios we might be facing and how we can work together in the best interests of our children.  We are very grateful to parents who have already reached out to support with this - in particular Louise Grace, chair of the PTA, and Dave Woodley, parent governor.  In next week’s newsletter we’ll be sharing more on how we would like to work together and how you can get involved. 

On the topic of our newsletter, and as per our update at the end of last year, we are updating the content of weekly newsletters and will begin to share this approach next Friday - at the end of our first full week of school.  Thanks again to parents for your feedback on this.  Although we are dealing with some challenging circumstances, in school we are focused on creating the best possible learning experiences for our students day to day - and all staff are fully committed to this.  We look forward to sharing examples of great learning, and other student success, in the coming weeks.  On that note, if anyone has an update they would like to share with our school community please do let us know!  We have a dedicated email address for this: news@iaog.org.uk.

Beautiful pupil work

We end this week’s update with a brief glimpse at just some of the incredible work created by our students.  These beautiful pieces of art were created by Orla and Talia in year 10.  

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for your support.

Best wishes,

Ms Indira Purushothaman

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